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"Other people's testimonials are no guarantee
but what else can you go by?"

Strauss Heart Drops® receives hundreds of testimonials regularly from people all over the world, whose lives have been positively impacted by the use of this herbal formula. However, government regulations prevent us from sharing their complete stories if they mention that the user has treated, prevented or cured any disease, disorder or abnormal physical state as a result of this or any other natural health remedy.

Instead, we can only provide brief user commentary. For more information please feel free to click this link to contact us or scroll down for our toll free number.

Comment One

Twice, Strauss Heartdrops were recommended to me and I ignored the advice. I was not feeling very well and decided I would give the drops a try. After being on the drops for 6 months, I can't believe how good I feel. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Comment Two

At the time of my doctor's exam, he told me I had to go straight to the hospital. They removed a lot of water from around my heart, legs and ankles. I started taking the supplement Strauss Heartdrops and have continued to improve in my health. I give all the glory to God for my improved health.

Comment Three

I wasn't feeling very well and I had to give up dancing….which I love! I started to change my eating and health habits. Among my supplements, I take Strauss Heartdrops.

Since changing my life style, I feel much better and have started dancing again. It is hard to believe that changes that can be felt in one's body when following a better health plan.

Comment Four

My skin color was very pale. My doctor thought I was lacking iron. I started taking iron supplements and Strauss Heartdrops. I have been doing this for many years now and my skin color has a nice pink shade to it. I have the usual aches and pains that all people have, but all around I have never been in better health.

Comment Five

I was having some pain in my body. I was told by the doctor to take aspirin. Which I did, but was afraid of the side effects of the long time use of aspirin. A friend told me that the supplement Strauss Heartdrops had white willow in it which is what aspirin is made from but there is no side effects. So I started taking the Heartdrops and I see great improvement.

Comment Six

I had several heart attacks, and finally the doctor said I would have to have surgery, which of course I had done. The doc also put me on a better eating plan and told me what foods to avoid. Meanwhile, I am also using Strauss Heartdrops as a supplement and altogether, I am please with the outcome.

Comment Seven

Please send me another two bottles of Heart Drops. One for me and one for my husband. I have been using the drops since buying my first bottle from Jim over 20 years ago.

Comment Eight

I read somewhere that Strauss Heartdrops are sold in over 30 countries. I live in China , can you ship the drops here? To my knowledge we don't have anything like this product in China .

Comment Nine

I have severe heart pain and the doctor put me on Nitro spray. Would Strauss Heartdrops also help? Answer: Heart pain is very serious. Please talk to your doctor to determine if the drops would help support your cardio system.

Comment Ten

Your Heart Drops have given me a will to live and a way to live. Your Heart Drops are helping me do some of the things that I have missed. With prolonged use, I know I will be able to lead a happy and fulfilled life. Again, thank you for my life.

Comment Eleven

After 4 weeks of taking your heart drops, I feel much more peaceful. I have hope for the future and am very grateful in finding the drops.

Comment Twelve

I have used three bottles of Heart Drops, and my general health has greatly improved.

I go for long walks now, and I seem to have much more energy.

Comment Thirteen

Since I have been taking Heart Drops, my last doctor's report has been excellent.

I really appreciate what these Heart Drops have done for me.

Comment Fourteen

At first, after using the Heartdrops I noticed no change, but at about the four month range my energy started to increase. At the 7 month range, I had vastly improved. Now I am walking all over the place. Thank you for giving me back the ability to move like a normal, healthy person.

Comment Fifteen

This is to confirm that he is a regular patient of mine. He has been taking herbal Heart Drops for about four months. Since then, I have been able increase his exercise tolerance significantly. Objectively, he seems to be doing very well.

Comment Sixteen

I read that garlic and white willow help the circulation of blood. I'm in the fifth month of taking the drops and getting stronger and stronger. I'm able to walk for long periods of time and spend at least a half hour or longer on the stationary bike without any pain or loss of breath. Thank you so much!

Comment Seventeen

There are some amazing products out there and I believe the drops are one of them

Four years ago I went to see my local doctor because I lacked energy. I was dizzy and I felt as though my head was going to explode. I did not believe foods & plants such as garlic, motherwort, cayenne could really help a person. But I was wrong! Within 6 months I was feeling so much better. I plan on staying on this product for the rest of my life.

Comment Eighteen

I am almost normal again! I'm a scientist so I've kept records and I've garnered my doctors' reports. All that I report is documentable and clearly remarkable.

Comment Nineteen

I'm so grateful for my doctor who found the problem, and for my friend in Edmonton who told me about Strauss Heart Drops, It's about improving the quality of life.

Comment Twenty

The results of my angiogram are very good. My doctor is pleased.

Comment Twenty-one

I only sleep at night now and never fall asleep during the day. My legs and toes are normal color and I grow hair normally now. My doctors have been most pleased with all my progress.

Comment Twenty-two

The pains I had are no longer there. My feet and legs and hands don't ache anymore and I breathe so much better. I even sleep better. I noticed some improvement after 3 days of taking the drops. Some 3 months later, I see a big difference.

Comment Twenty-three

In September I was having cold feet and it was still the heart of summer, so I tried your product - not believing it would work, but to my surprise, it did work - no more cold feet!

Comment Twenty-four

I use to be constipated but am now regular. I also used to sleep 10 - 12 hours and wake up still tired, now I wake up before the alarm goes off and feel refreshed. I feel GOOD. Thank you Strauss Heart Drops.

Comment Twenty-five

I am a prospector and live a very active life but I had my limits.

I started the Heart Drops in February 1998. A lot has happened since then. I used to have a hard time getting up in the morning. My body was dog-tired. Now I sleep good and wake up in the morning fully refreshed and with twice the energy level as I had before.

Comment Twenty-six

It was like I had been drugged for 14 years. The worst part was I didn't know it, and to describe the feeling is like saying I felt like I was coming out of a fog into bright sunshine. This is why I tell everyone about my story and I show them myself.

Comment Twenty-seven

I've never missed a day taking it for 4 months at 3 times a day. I even took the drops with me ice fishing! It sure worked and helped me a lot. I'd sure recommend this product to someone who thinks they need it.

Comment Twenty-eight

As you know, when I came to see you two years ago, I was in pretty bad shape. My doctor and three specialists told me the same thing. Thanks to you, I am do very well, except when I do anything strenuous. I am very satisfied with the drops. Keep up the good work.

Comment Twenty-nine

Today I can exercise and I can look forward to returning to work. My health is returning. I owe Dr. Nero a large debt of gratitude for steering me in your direction. I owe the Heart Drops a huge debt of gratitude. It is on this basis that I say a truly sincere, thank you.

Comment Thirty

Thank you for your product. I have noticed a difference in my breathing. I can now go up and down stairs without stopping to catch my breath.

Comment Thirty-one

I have not had the problem for the past two months and I have been on Heart Drops for approximately four months. I feel it is due to the Heart Drops because I have been trying other things for long periods to no avail (ie: Co-enzyme Q10). I thank you with all my heart.

Comment Thirty-two

My doctor monitored me, and in one month cut the medication in half and in two months stopped all medication. I am doing really well. Enclosed find a letter from my doctor. I am 74 years old and I do not have any chest pains. Thank you again.

Comment Thirty-three

I have not felt so well as I am now for at least four years. The whole world should know about these products. I tell everyone I know about them. I have completed my first year on the drops. I am a new man now.

Comment Thirty-four

I feel better than I have ever felt and my hands are very pink like I have never seen them in my life. I will be 79 in December, so I can't thank you enough. I have told many people about this product.

Comment Thirty-five

I feel quite well, and have no trouble working around the house -- lawn -- garden and cutting wood. I take the drops twice a day and so is my wife.

Comment Thirty-six

My blood pressure readings are very good. In fact, the nurse took it twice to make sure it was the right reading. So I am very pleased with the results.

Comment Thirty-seven

I began taking the Heart Drops in the middle of August 1998, and I take them to this day. I feel so much better all over. Thank you for this gift.

Comment Thirty-eight

In June I started taking the Strauss Heart Drops three times a day. In less than four months, my over-all health had greatly improved and even my eye sight seemed better. Thanks a million.

Comment Thirty-nine

I can't explain it and I don't try. I just feel a 1000% better!

Comment Forty

For years my ankle caused me pain during cold weather due to an earlier high school accident. Previously I experienced frost bitten fingers so that in the cold weather they would become sore and discolored. Since starting the Strauss heart Drops my ankle and fingers do not bother me in cold weather.

Comment Forty-one

I had lost all ambition to do anything, now I'm back to being involved with my hobby, silver smiting & yard work (previously I had to hire someone.)I feel great and have resumed walking and riding my bicycle and am experiencing no ill effects.




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